Category: Handy Tips

Useful tips for the installation of our products

We want you to enjoy our products for many years to come.

  1. Prevent water leaks, any wooden product will deteriorate if allowed to soak.
  2. Silicon seal basins and tops to cabinets all round.
  3. Align and level the cabinet at installation by adjusting the legs (see below).
  4. It is possible for screws to loosen during transport, and during use. Ensure that screws are kept tight.
  5. Adjust doors if necessary on the adjustable hinges (see below).
  6. When installing a wall mount unit with drawers, the drawers can be removed. If the unit has multiple
    drawers mark the position of each drawer on its underside to facilitate easy positioning when replacing them.
  7. When installing wall mounted vanities, ensure that the wall fasteners are of good quality (eg. Hilti)
    and suitable for the wall into which it is fastened. These units can be extremely heavy. Do not sit on your wall mounted vanity.


Hinges and Door Adjustment:


screw tighten  



Ensure that the mounting plate screws are kept tight.


hinge adjust1.



In order to adjust the doors, the inner most screw allows you to adjust the door away or closer to the cabinet (in or out). It also holds the hinges to the mounting plate.


hinge adjust2



The screw closer to the door allows you to adjust the door left or right, this allows you adjust the gap between the two doors, and align the top of the door. After adjustment, ensure that the back screw is still tight.




Adjusting the legs:

Ensure that all legs are seated firmly on the floor and that the cabinet is straight and level, misallignment of doors and drawers will result if the cabinet is twisted owing to bad leg adjustment.

Firstly see that all legs are adjusted to their shortest length. Then adjust the legs outward where required.




On the lynx leg, simply turn the levelling foot outwards.






On the Standard leg, ensure that the leg body is tight, Hold the leg body from rotating, while adjusting the foot.





In order to adjust the square legs, position square foot and hold, turn the body of the leg to adjust.